I really enjoy Bullet Hell games and, being a game developer, I wanted to make my own. I made a little proof of concept about 2 years ago with Unity but life was far too hectic at the time to follow through with it. I recently picked up Godot, which is a neat little engine with its own Python-esque scripting language, so I figured I’d give this idea another shot.

The twist of the game is that the player cannot shoot like they would normally in a bullet-hell game, instead they have to reflect enemy bullets off of their shield! 🛡️

What I’ve got done so far:

  • Movable player with rotatable shield (twin-stick controls)
  • Working device builds (iOS & Android)
  • Localisation. Currently just English and Japanese, because their character spacing, etc are worlds apart.
  • Basic enemy movement behaviours: Strafe, Zig-Zag, Chase
  • Basic enemy firing behaviours: Ring, (Single-/Multi-/Arc-)Spiral,

In progress:

  • Lock-On (laser) weapon system (video below)
  • Level data composition (How the levels are structured / put together)

What’s next?

I want to get a level written up and get it onto the Play Store (as an alpha release) so that I can get feedback from my friends/family/coworkers/cat and iterate on it. I want to have the core gameplay feeling pretty damn good before I even think about any other fluff.

Writing about it is all well and good but bread is quite boring if that’s all you eat, so here’s a quick video showing the state of the game right now:

At the moment, almost every sprite in the game is just the Godot logo with a tint applied; I want to get the core gameplay down before I begin to fiddle about with art and sound.

Because it’s not shown in the video above, here’s the laser weapon system demo: