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Odroid and the usb-ethernet adapter

Adventures in building from source

So you want a single board computer with 2 ethernet connections, do ya?
Time to hack the kernel then, I guess.

DevLog: Heart Attack

It's a bullet-hell game, except you can't shoot!

This has been, on and off, a game I've wanted to make for quite a while, so I thought I'd start writing about it.

Fabricating a poor network

aka Bullying your devices

How to throttle the life out of a network bridge:
Emulating wide area network delays and generally crippling a network.

I graduated!

I now have a fancy piece of paper to prove my Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Computer Games Development!

Why I've been inactive for so long

I figured I'd just post a quick update in case anyone's reading through this and wonders why there's a huge gap in my posts.