I had the privilege of developing the Android edition of the the EPIC app while I was working with Digisoft. EPIC is the Irish Emmigration Musuem in Dublin.

It’s a really nice looking app with a couple of really cool features, mainly the tour list and the magic bit.

The tour list was inspired by the Ultravisual expanding cell list for iOS. You can find a tutorial for that over on RayWenderlich.com (link).
It’s essentially a list whose topmost visible element is expanded and displays playback controls. You scroll the list, the elements shrink and expand to keep the topmost one expanded. There’s also a little *bump* scroll that brings the topmost element back to be fully visible if you’ve just scrolled the top of it off the screen a little bit.

The rest of the user interface is pretty standard with hero animations and whatnot. I opted for data binding over the usual findViewById nuisance, which worked out really well.

The magic bit I referred to is how the app knows which area of the museum you’re in and can offer to play the correct part of the audio tour! I can’t divulge the method behind it but trust me, it’s really cool!*

Find the app on the Google Play store!

*Spoiler: We use your phone signal to hack your brainwaves and intercept what your eyes see. We then use image recognition to figure out where you are by what exhibit you’re looking at. ;)